Solar Powered Garden Lights


  • $228.00

Our Solargator 60W solar spotlight is specially designed to light up the branches of tall trees in your gardens. The spotlight set consists of a spotlight housing, a separate casing for its rechargeable battery (allowing it to be easily replaceable), a 15W all-black solar panel (comes with a 4.8m cable), and a multi-function remote controller. It is rated IP65 weatherproof. 

The long-throw lenses attached to each of the high powered LEDs in this solar-powered spotlight enable the light to reach the top of trees as high as 15m away, thus, making the spotlight ideal for shining at the top of tall palms trees and the like.

The light comes on automatically when the sun sets and switches off automatically when the sun rises. The remote controller allows the spotlight to be set on 2 different brightness levels and also allows it to switch off automatically after 3, 5, or 8 hours. 

The included solar panel comes with a 4.8m long cable and its own bracket and bolts for wall mounting if needed. It can be placed as far as 30m away from the spotlight (with optional extension cables) so that the panels can be placed far away from the spotlight in a place that gets more sunlight and yet away from view. 

Dimension: 10.5cm (D) x 40.2cm (H)
Weight: 1.2kg
Solar Panel: 15W/6V
Battery: 10V/10,800mAh
Charging time: 6-8hrs
Operational Duration: up to 12hrs
Illumination: 1300 lumens

Shines up to 15m high. 

Comes with a 12 months’ warranty and 7 days’ 1-for-1 exchange.



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